Glenmarie Cove is the embodiment of effortless living, a home perfectly adapted to its environment and modern necessities, unbelievable panoramic views and architectural elegance that satisfy your luxury wish list.

  • 24-hours Security

    Enjoy the infinite pleasures of your home with your loved ones with 24-hours security. Glenmarie Cove is a safe haven where peace of mind is ensured by the vigilant surveillance team who constantly safeguard your wellbeing.
  • River Activities

    Glenmarie Cove can be home to many countless memories. Simply admire the sweeping views from this riverfront dockside or indulge in water sport activities. Get an adrenaline rush from an exhilarating speed boat ride by day, a gentle cruise by dusk or test your angling skills for a fresh catch on your dinner plate.
  • Riverfront Boardwalk

    Take a stroll down the 2km boardwalk and feed you senses with magnificent views of the sunset, or dedicate time to instill patience into the young ones over a short fishing adventure. Embark on a voyage of self discovery in the name of health or leisure by the lagoons and flourishing riverbanks.
  • Parks & Lagoons

    The parks and panoramic lagoons at Glenmarie Cove add a ‘green breathing room’ to where the residences meets the water’s edge. These intermittently placed facilities are an oasis to the outdoor enthusiasts for picnics with the family and morning runs along the jogging trail surrounded by refreshing sceneries of green.
  • Residents' Clubhouse

    There often comes a time for a reason to celebrate, and the Residents’ clubhouse is the perfect venue to share the joy of the occasion. Conveniently situated within the residential precincts, the clubhouse comes furnished with a gym, cafe / multi-purpose hall and swimming pool.
  • Jetties

    Feel the wind in your hair and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the vastness and beautiful turquoise hues as you skim across the waters towards the horizon. A boat jetty accompanies each precinct for your convenience of mooring your sea vessel closer to home. And at the end of the jetty, a breathtaking view of Pualu Carey awaits to inspire you of nature’s glorious beauties.